Mathilde Perrot
Drawer and set designer

mathildaperrot@hotmail.fr / jeracontemonreve@gmail.com

instagram : mathildeperrot_scene

Mathilde Perrot, born in Libourne in 1995, lives and works in Brussels.
She is interested in the link between psychism and mater, in the process of creation of dreams and in the unconscious. Her work approaches spirituality and psychology. It takes form of scenographies and costumes for shows and movies, but also installations, drawings and texts questioning our relation to space and the plasticity of our psyche generating surrealistic mental spaces.


2014 – 2019 : Master of set design, La Cambre, School of visual arts, Brussels, BE.
2017 – 2018 : ERASMUS, Escola superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa, Lisbon, PT.
2013 – 2014 : Preparatory art school of Bayonne, FR.

2020 : Set design for the theater show "A propos d'Artaud et d'autres interview télévisés" from La Troupe du Possible. (in process).

2018-2019 : Creation and exhibition of the installation Ces vers qui me tombent in the contemporary art center Kanal, Bussels.

2018 : Set design for the theatre play Fiat lux from La Troupe du Possible, played at Théâtre 140 and Théâtre Varia.

2017-2018 Internship at the technical department at Lisbon national theatre Dona Maria II.

2016-2017 : Set design for the dance show We will have had darcker futures (from Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Katie Vickers et Rebecka Stillman in collaboration with Ken Van de Mierop and Wim Muylaert), Internationaal kunstcentrum DeSingel, Anvers, BE.

2016 : Set design for the theatre play Non-dits from Who’s who, in collaboration with Mathilde Glorian, played at Théâtre des Riches-Claires Brussels, BE.

2015 : Set design for the short movie Etreinte sur le vide, from Sébastien Peree in collaboration with Léa Vayrou.

2015 : Set design for the short movie Amores Perros, at Insas cinema school, in collaboration with Mathilde Glorian and Léa Vayrou.

2015 : Internship with the set designer Nathalie Maufroy for a creation of the choreographer Claudio Stellato at festival Circusstad, Rotterdam, NL, and at festival Theater op de markt, Neerpelt, BE.